Tips for healthy teeth this winter

There’s something nice about the crisp, cooler air of winter but it can be bad news for your teeth. Follow our easy tips to keep your teeth healthy this season. Drink More Water During the winter we tend to drink less water. When your mouth is drier, it can increase the risk of tooth decay […] Read more

May, 30, 2019

How can oral health affect your immune system?

Scientists are continually discovering more about oral health, and especially its connection with overall health. This connection is because of bacteria naturally present in your mouth. The mouth contains hundreds of different species of bacteria, and they thrive in the warm moist environment. However, some species of bacteria are harmful and if not regularly removed […] Read more

May, 30, 2019

5 oral care tips to keep your mouth healthy this winter

The harsher winter weather takes its toll on your hair and skin, but have you considered the effects on your oral health? Follow our easy tips to keep your mouth healthy this winter. It’s the cold and flu season but did you realise many cough syrups and throat bodies are packed full of sugar and […] Read more

May, 30, 2019

Women’s Oral Health Through Life

A women’s oral health changes right throughout life and especially during menopause which occurs between ages 47 and 55. If you have reached this time of your life, you may have already noticed changes to your dental health. These changes can include a burning sensation, inflamed gums, noticing that things taste different and dry mouth. […] Read more

May, 07, 2019

Super Foods That Can Help to Whiten and Protect Your Teeth

Including at least some of these tasty foods in your diet will help to protect your teeth and could even whiten them slightly too. Red Bell Peppers These are packed with vitamin C which is necessary for gum health. Other foods that are good for your gums include oranges, broccoli, peaches and kiwifruit. Celery Crunchy, […] Read more

May, 07, 2019

Things to Know If You’re Considering Invisalign

Invisalign is an excellent treatment for invisibly straightening smiles, using clear plastic aligners to move teeth into the correct positions gradually. If you’re considering this treatment, here are some things you need to know. Almost Anyone Can Have Invisalign Provided your teeth are strong and healthy, and you don’t have any loose teeth or gum […] Read more

May, 07, 2019

How to Look after Your Teeth This Easter and Still Indulge a Little

It’s Easter, so the chances are you are going to indulge at least a little bit, but with care and attention, you can make sure this holiday doesn’t negatively impact your teeth. Avoid Snacking on Sugary Treats When you were little, your parents probably told you not to eat too many sweets because you would […] Read more

Apr, 10, 2019

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Nothing is better than receiving a beautiful Easter basket, and here are three easy ways you can make them at home with your family. One idea is to take a simple wicker basket and to decorate it with colourful, handmade felt flowers. Unicorns are on point right now, so why not make a magical unicorn […] Read more

Apr, 10, 2019

Wondering What to do with the Kids During the Holidays?

If you are wondering what to do with the kids during the Easter holidays, why not look at the Coastal Environment Centre holiday program? Their program is the ideal way for children to learn more about our beautiful natural environment and how to preserve it and is suitable for children age 6 to 12 years. […] Read more

Apr, 10, 2019

How Are You Participating in Earth Hour?

On the 30th March, Earth Hour takes place between 8:30 and 9:30pm local time, and it’s the ideal moment to think about our environment. Organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature, it’s especially poignant here in Australia because we have some the world’s most beautiful and iconic wildlife and landscapes. Unfortunately, our biodiversity is under […] Read more

Mar, 04, 2019

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