Don’t delay Your Dental Treatment Any Longer

Good dental health is vital for protecting your oral and your general health. Delaying essential dental care can result in more expensive and complex treatment being required, which is why we want to ensure you and your family can access high-quality dental care whenever needed. We accept all major Health Funds, including Medibank, NIB, DVA, […] Read more

Nov, 20, 2017

Does Toothache Mean I Have a Cavity?

Toothache can be caused by a cavity but it may be due to other reasons. One simple thing to try is to gently floss around the affected tooth because sometimes a tooth can be pushed painfully out of place by impacted food. If your toothache persists then please see your dentist as soon as you […] Read more

Nov, 13, 2017

Can Dental Hygiene Affect Fertility?

Inadequate dental hygiene can affect fertility in both sexes. Gum disease and tooth decay have been linked with poor sperm health and sperm quality in men, while in women poor dental health may increase the time needed to conceive. Most of the research into the connection between dental health and fertility focuses on periodontal disease […] Read more

Nov, 06, 2017

What are the Benefits of Providing Amalgam-Free Dentistry?

Amalgam is an alloy made from a combination of metals including mercury. This silver-coloured filling material has been used for decades and while hard-wearing, it isn’t necessarily the best way to restore damaged and decayed teeth. We prefer to provide amalgam-free dentistry for our patients because modern restorative materials are healthier and more aesthetically pleasing. […] Read more

Oct, 23, 2017

What to Expect When Getting a Filling?

If you do need a filling then the first thing we will do is to make sure treatment is as comfortable as possible by carefully numbing your tooth. Once fully numb, our dentist will shape the tooth, removing any decay and infection in preparation for your new filling. The procedure to place composite resin fillings […] Read more

Oct, 16, 2017

Why Choose a Custom-Made Mouthguard for Your Child?

Each year dentists see many children with dental injuries sustained during sports and which include damage to the teeth and jaws, or even teeth that have been knocked out completely. These injuries can be upsetting for a child and may lead to a lifetime of costly restorative dental care. This is why we thoroughly recommend […] Read more

Oct, 09, 2017

Five Natural Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar is balanced, your mood and memory will be better and you should feel full of energy. Eating foods that release energy too quickly will soon lead to feeling of hunger and fatigue. Choose foods with a low glycaemic index and which will slowly release energy into your bloodstream. Try to eat […] Read more

Oct, 02, 2017

You Have Chipped Teeth?

Lots of people will accidently chip a tooth but if this happens to you then we recommend you have it restored as soon as possible. Even a small chip increases the risk of the tooth becoming decayed and infected and it can usually be easily mended. Restoring Chipped Teeth with Composite Resins Often small chips […] Read more

Sep, 25, 2017

Is Fluoride Good for Your Teeth?

Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in some water supplies and in certain foods, and it is frequently added to toothpaste and to mouth rinses. It is especially important for children to receive adequate fluoride, particularly when their teeth and bones are developing. When properly used, fluoride is good for teeth. Although we recommend using […] Read more

Sep, 18, 2017

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Most women take better care of their general health during pregnancy but may overlook the need for good dental health. In fact, the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can affect oral health which is why it’s vitally important to keep up with regular dental checkups and cleanings. These hormonal changes increase the sensitivity of your […] Read more

Sep, 11, 2017

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