Is Fluoride Good for Your Teeth?

Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in some water supplies and in certain foods, and it is frequently added to toothpaste and to mouth rinses. It is especially important for children to receive adequate fluoride, particularly when their teeth and bones are developing. When properly used, fluoride is good for teeth. Although we recommend using […] Read more

Sep, 18, 2017

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Most women take better care of their general health during pregnancy but may overlook the need for good dental health. In fact, the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can affect oral health which is why it’s vitally important to keep up with regular dental checkups and cleanings. These hormonal changes increase the sensitivity of your […] Read more

Sep, 11, 2017

Carrot Rice Ball and Pumpkin Salad

Why not try this healthy carrot rice ball and pumpkin salad drizzled with a tasty yoghurt dressing? Ingredients 1 large grated carrot 500g diced pumpkin 250g packet microwave quinoa and brown rice mix 1/3 cup sultanas ½ tsp garam masala ¼ cup finely chopped chives 80g low-fat fetta 2tbsp orange juice 1 small thinly sliced […] Read more

Sep, 04, 2017

Yoghurt: A Tasty Food that is Great for Teeth

Yoghurt is rich in calcium which is essential for strong and healthy teeth and bones and It also contains plenty of protein, but are you aware that it has bacteria that are beneficial for your dental health? Why Probiotics Are Good for Your Dental Health These good bacteria or probiotics are thought to slow down […] Read more

Aug, 28, 2017

Dry Mouth? Learn Its Causes and Treatments

Your mouth needs plenty of saliva to keep it moist, clean and comfortable but many people have a condition called dry mouth or xerostomia. This can be caused by medical conditions and is frequently due to over-the-counter and prescription medications. Certain medical treatments may also damage the salivary glands. When you have insufficient saliva, it […] Read more

Aug, 21, 2017

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Having a beautifully white smile is fashionable and we are bombarded by the media with images of bright, shiny teeth. But how are those teeth whitened to spotless white smiles? How does it work and is it safe? How to Make Sure You Whiten Safely Teeth whitening products usually work by bleaching teeth, although some […] Read more

Aug, 14, 2017

Busy Lifestyle? Making Time for Oral Health

Juggling a busy career and hectic home life can often leave little time for oral health which is why we’d like to highlight its importance this month. August marks the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week which has a different theme each year. This year’s theme is appropriate for many of us. Titled “Oral Health […] Read more

Aug, 06, 2017

Mediterranean-Style Lamb Chops

If you are looking for a healthy, colourful and flavour-packed meal why not try this recipe? Ingredients 4 lamb cutlets or chops 2 red and 2 yellow peppers, cut into large chunks 1 sliced aubergine 4 sliced courgettes 250g cherry tomatoes 85g crumbled feta cheese 3 garlic cloves 2tbsp fresh mint, chopped 1tsp fresh rosemary, […] Read more

Jul, 24, 2017

Tooth Sealants: Add an Extra Layer of Protection

Even people who are diligent about their dental care will often develop a cavity in a back tooth. The problem with back teeth is that the chewing surfaces have deep grooves and fissures to help grind up food more efficiently, but these fissures can easily trap food and decay-causing bacteria. As a result, cavities can […] Read more

Jul, 17, 2017

Dental Emergency? Let Us Look After You!

We know dental emergencies can be difficult and upsetting which is why we ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can look after you. Our caring dental team always strives to see people in pain and discomfort as quickly as we can, often on the same day. When […] Read more

Jul, 09, 2017

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