Broccolini Salad with Mango Salsa

If you want something light and fresh to eat, then try this recipe. It’s perfect for when you’re in a hurry because it only takes 15 minutes to make.   Ingredients 1 bunch trimmed asparagus, halved lengthways 2 bunches broccolini, trimmed and halved lengthways 60g baby rocket 1 peeled and thinly sliced avocado 1 small […] Read more

Feb, 22, 2018

Is Fluoride Good for Teeth?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in certain foods and in some drinking water, and it is good for teeth, helping to prevent cavities in children and adults. It works by increasing the resistance of tooth enamel to acid produced by bacteria or exposure to acidic foods, and fluoride helps improve your dental health […] Read more

Feb, 19, 2018

Five Reasons to Get Sunshine Daily

Although we certainly don’t recommend sitting in the sun too long, you do need some exposure to sunlight. We’ve listed five reasons why you need to get out and enjoy a little sun each day. Sunshine is a primary source of vitamin D which is essential for absorbing calcium and it can help to protect […] Read more

Feb, 12, 2018

Is Bruxism Causing Your Headaches?

Bruxism is caused when you clench or grind your teeth together and is generally a nocturnal habit, so many people are unaware they have this condition. Often, it’s not diagnosed until it begins to cause unpleasant symptoms. When you clench and grind your teeth, it creates enormous pressure on your jaw joints, which are called […] Read more

Feb, 05, 2018

Looking for an Easy Midweek Meal? Try Our San Choy Bow Recipe

This meal takes just minutes to prepare and cook which is perfect when you want something quick and tasty. Buy ready-made pulled/cubed pork for added convenience.   Ingredients 2 portions defrosted, ready-made frozen pulled/cubed pork ½ cup roughly chopped cashews 2 finely sliced spring onions 4 cos lettuce leaves ½ medium lime, sliced into wedges […] Read more

Jan, 15, 2018

Is Fluoride Good for Teeth?

Your teeth are protected by tooth enamel which consists of a tough layer of closely packed minerals. Every day, tooth enamel is attacked by acid that is either produced by bacteria in the mouth or which is already present in foods. Acid causes a process called demineralisation where some of the minerals in tooth enamel […] Read more

Jan, 11, 2018

Five Most Common Dental Procedures

Have you ever wondered which dental procedures are the most common? We’ve listed the five most frequently needed procedures for good dental health. Dental fillings. Most people have at least one or two fillings which nowadays can be made from tooth coloured composite resin. This durable material will safely and nearly invisibly repair a cavity. […] Read more

Jan, 11, 2018

The Effects of Toxins on Your Dental Health

Toxins can build up if you fail to brush and floss thoroughly as this will allow bacterial levels in your mouth to increase. These bacteria feed off food particles left on your teeth and gums and as they do so, they create acids and toxins which will eventually infect and inflame your gums. Initially, your […] Read more

Jan, 11, 2018

Decadent Yet Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse

It may be the season to indulge, but it’s still possible to eat healthily. Our recipe includes Chia seeds which are great for gut health, good quality fats and raw cacao powder which is an antioxidant. Ingredients ½ cup raw cacao powder ¼ cup chia seeds 1tbsp rice malt syrup 400ml can coconut cream Cacao […] Read more

Dec, 21, 2017

Four Handy Dental First Aid Tips

Dental emergencies are upsetting but knowing what to do will help you until you can receive professional dental care. Toothache Gently floss around the tooth because sometimes impacted food can dislodge a tooth, causing toothache. If this doesn’t help, then book an appointment to come and see us. Please don’t ignore a toothache especially if […] Read more

Dec, 18, 2017

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