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Private health fund rebate for extras cover – use it or Lose it!

As 31st December approaches, you may be about to LOSE your PRIVATE INSURANCE BENEFITS for the year. Most plans do not allow you to carry over your unused benefits past 31st December, so if you have $500 of benefits left in 2020 you need to have the work done in 2020. We encourage you to check with […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2020

My Elf on the Shelf – Our How-to-Guide for Santa’s Little Helper

Elf on the Shelf has become a well-established tradition in many families since the book was published in 2005. The Elf hides in a new spot each day, waiting for kids to find him, and he returns to the North Pole each night to report on his family’s behaviour. Welcoming your elf Usually, the Elf […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2020

Have you been naughty or nice to your teeth – caring for your oral health during the silly season

Hopefully, you have been nice to your teeth, but it is easy to let all your hard work fall by the wayside during the silly season. Over-indulgence in festive treats and alcoholic drinks, combined with late nights can play havoc with your oral health, here’s our easy tips on caring for your smile. Be mindful […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2020

What is TMD and how is it treated?

TMD disorder can develop if your upper and lower jaws are not in the correct relationship to each other, placing stress on your facial muscles and your jaw joints, called temporomandibular joints. It’s a problem that can cause inflammation and jaw pain, chronic headaches, earache, and you may clench and grind your teeth, an issue […] Read more

Nov, 02, 2020

Why does dental health influence surgical treatments?

If you need surgery or treatment, it may be wise to see your dentist. They can assess your dental health, ensuring you do not have existing dental diseases that need treatment and most importantly can help you to plan, ensuring you maintain optimal oral health as this can help to protect your overall quality-of-life. Ensuring […] Read more

Nov, 02, 2020

Did you know your saliva reveals a lot about your health?

You probably don’t give saliva much thought as it is just there when you need it, but it’s a pretty remarkable fluid. For a start, saliva helps to naturally disinfect your mouth, enabling you to maintain healthy gums and helping to prevent tooth decay. It contains substances that fight disease and other infections. But, the […] Read more

Nov, 02, 2020

Why should you get dental veneers?

Would you love a bright, beautiful and more youthful smile? Dental veneers can be a great solution, hiding teeth that are stained, chipped or crooked, or which have become worn over the years. Dental veneers are very thin shells of porcelain custom-made to fit precisely over your existing natural teeth. They can transform the appearance […] Read more

Oct, 02, 2020

Achieving that beautiful straight smile – how Invisalign could help you

Invisalign has become the orthodontic treatment of choice for older teens & adults. Many adults who have desired a straighter smile were reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment due to the impact that metal braces would have on their social and professional situations.   What is Invisalign?  Invisalign is exceptionally discreet because the clear plastic aligners […] Read more

Oct, 02, 2020

Easy tips for a tooth friendly Halloween

Halloween is nearly here, and many children will receive bags of sweet goodies, which can be challenging for their oral health. Having a plan will help ensure your child enjoys Halloween, hopefully without damaging their teeth. Eat Halloween treats with meals Eating sugary foods with meals or at the end of the meal helps reduce […] Read more

Oct, 02, 2020

How happy are you with your smile?

Surveys show that approximately two-thirds of us aren’t entirely happy with our smile, which is hardly surprising. Most people do not have perfect teeth and will almost certainly have at least one or two things that niggle at them. Common complaints are stained and discoloured teeth. Other problems include having teeth that are misaligned and […] Read more

Sep, 01, 2020

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