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Crafty Ideas for Easter Your Kids Will Totally Love

Keep your kids occupied over the holidays by making time for crafting. There are all sorts of different things they can do, including making gifts for doting grandparents, aunts and uncles. Use Embroidery Hoops to Make a Cute Bunny Embroidery hoops can be covered with colourful fabric and decorated with a fluffy tail and bunny […] Read more

Mar, 28, 2020

Healthy Dental Habits for Adults Under 40

A hectic lifestyle can often get in the way of good dental health, but it only takes a little thought to make sure you can enjoy fresh breath and excellent oral health. Follow our easy tips for a healthy, attractive smile. Cavities Are Contagious Cavities are caused by bacteria that can be transmitted through kissing […] Read more

Feb, 12, 2020

It’s the Start of Sporting Season – Have You Had Your Child’s Mouthguard Refitted?

It’s the start of the sporting season, and it’s time to make sure your child has a well-fitting mouthguard. Sports mouthguards help protect children against dental emergencies, cushioning a blow to the face and reducing the risk of chipped or broken teeth, or knocking out teeth entirely. A mouthguard also protects the jaws, lips, tongue […] Read more

Feb, 12, 2020

Give Your Kids a Gift That Lasts for Life – Establishing a “Dental Home”

Regular doctor’s visits from a very early age are essential for a child’s overall health, but taking them to see a dentist is equally as important. Establishing a good “dental home” for your child before age 1 is the very best way to make sure they grow up with a healthy smile, a fantastic gift […] Read more

Feb, 12, 2020

Summer! The Perfect Time to Brighten Your Smile

Summer is the perfect time to brighten your smile and especially as many of us will attend celebrations including weddings, christenings or you have planned a special holiday. Whatever you intend to do this summer, you want to ensure you can smile confidently. Weddings Whether you are planning a wedding or are a guest, a […] Read more

Jan, 03, 2020

How to Snack Smarter These School Holidays

During the school holidays, most of us will snack more frequently, often choosing foods that are less healthy than normal. However, even making a few small adjustments to the type of snacks and serving sizes can make a tremendous difference to your overall health. Snack More Slowly A snack should be an enjoyable treat, so […] Read more

Jan, 03, 2020

Four Secrets to Help You Have a Healthier Smile

Have you ever admired someone’s beautifully white healthy smile? Perhaps you’d like to improve your oral health but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve listed a few easy points to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. A Whiter Smile Isn’t Always Healthier Bright white teeth can look healthy, but you can easily over-bleach […] Read more

Jan, 03, 2020

The Risks of Using Online Dentistry

Many of us love the convenience of online shopping, and it certainly has its place. However, we are very concerned about the increase in DIY dental treatments. These treatments may appear to save you time and money but carry potential health and financial risks that you may not have considered. Clear Aligners Clear aligners are […] Read more

Dec, 10, 2019

New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

The dawn of a new decade is a great time to take stock, but most New Year resolutions quickly fall by the wayside. This year, how about making some easy-to-keep resolutions to improve oral health? Treat yourself to a new toothbrush so you can clean your teeth more thoroughly. You need to replace your toothbrush […] Read more

Dec, 10, 2019

Sink Your Teeth into the New Year – How to Kick Start Your Oral Health This Year

Maintaining good oral health is critical for overall wellness, and the New Year is a great time to think about ways of improving dental health. Lots of people have dental health resolutions that range from completing delay dental treatment to improving tooth brushing habits. Understanding the benefits of your resolutions can be more motivating. Making […] Read more

Dec, 10, 2019

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