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Protecting Your Baby’s Teeth During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, congratulations but did you realise that your diet during pregnancy and your oral hygiene can affect your unborn child’s teeth? Ensuring your oral habits and your diet are the healthiest possible will protect you both. Keep up with Your Regular Checkups and Cleanings Routine dental checkups and cleanings and even many […] Read more

Feb, 25, 2019

How Can I Strengthen and Protect Tooth Enamel?

Teeth are covered with a tough outer layer of tooth enamel, protecting them against tooth decay. It’s essential to protect your tooth enamel because it cannot regenerate so follow these simple tips to keep it healthy and strong. Protecting Your Tooth Enamel Avoid foods that are highly acidic or full of sugars. Bacteria in the […] Read more

Feb, 25, 2019

Useful Questions to Ask Your Dentist at Your Next Checkup

It’s always a relief to hear your teeth and gums are in great shape, but you may have wondered if there are other questions you should be asking your dentist? The more you learn about your teeth, the better you can take care of them. Is My Dental Routine the Best It Can Be? After […] Read more

Feb, 25, 2019

Why Does Gum Recession Occur and How Do We Prevent It?

Lots of people experience gum recession which can cause tooth sensitivity, and which may affect your appearance. When gums recede teeth look longer, hence the saying “long in the tooth” and while it’s a condition associated with old age, anyone can develop this problem, and it certainly isn’t age dependent! What Causes Gum Recession? Gum […] Read more

Jan, 20, 2019

Importance of Properly Fitting Mouthguards

If you or your child play sports, there is a risk you could injure your teeth. Any sport with the risk of an accidental collision could break or fracture jaws, or crack or knock out teeth. Unfortunately, dental injuries can often mean a lifetime of restorative dental expenses. We would far rather prevent these injuries […] Read more

Jan, 20, 2019

Missing Teeth Could Increase the Risk of High Blood Pressure in Older Women

If you are post-menopausal and are missing teeth, your risk of high blood pressure could increase. A recent American study discovered a link between hypertension (high blood pressure) and tooth loss in post-menopausal women. Researchers found older women who had lost teeth were at a 20% higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Why Is […] Read more

Jan, 20, 2019

The School Holidays are the Perfect Time for Kids Dental Check-ups

Term times can get busy, and it is tricky to fit in regular professional dental care, so if your kid needs a check-up, why not arrange it for the school holidays? We can make sure that by the time your child goes back to school, they have a nice, healthy smile. Here at Coastal Smiles, […] Read more

Dec, 06, 2018

Reasons for Chewing Your Food More Slowly

Your last meal probably wasn’t that long ago, but can you remember eating it and physically chewing the food? For most people, the answer is no because chewing is often a subconscious habit. However, chewing your food is important for overall health because the process of digestion begins in the mouth. Your saliva contains enzymes […] Read more

Dec, 06, 2018

Fun Ideas for Family Activities This Holiday

Sydney has something for all ages, and it is especially great for family activities. The school holidays are an excellent opportunity for everyone to spend some quality time together and to create memories that will last for life. Must-do activities include taking a ferry to Taronga zoo, going on the Ferris wheel ride at Luna […] Read more

Dec, 06, 2018

Your Mouth-Body Connection is the Gateway to Your Health

Your mouth-body connection or the oral-systemic link is crucial for oral health and for overall health. Did you realise that dentists can often tell a lot about your general health, simply by examining your mouth? Sleep disorders like sleep apnoea can cause symptoms like an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. The first […] Read more

Nov, 28, 2018

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