Why should you get dental veneers?

Would you love a bright, beautiful and more youthful smile? Dental veneers can be a great solution, hiding teeth that are stained, chipped or crooked, or which have become worn over the years. Dental veneers are very thin shells of porcelain custom-made to fit precisely over your existing natural teeth. They can transform the appearance of your natural teeth in a way that is minimally invasive, giving you a naturally beautiful looking smile. Here are some reasons why you should get dental veneers.

  1. Improving your smile quickly. Dental veneers will improve your smile in as little as a couple of visits so that within just a few weeks, your teeth will look brighter and straighter.
  2. Tooth staining is no longer a problem. Natural teeth can stain, but the porcelain used to fabricate dental veneers is stain resistant. The porcelain is strong and durable, and your veneers should last for several years or longer with the proper care.
  3. Overcoming tooth discolouration. While tooth whitening is an effective treatment, it cannot eliminate deep internal or intrinsic tooth stains. These stains can occur because of antibiotic use, infection or trauma. Covering these teeth entirely with beautiful porcelain veneers overcomes the problem of intrinsic tooth stains.

Oct, 02, 2020