Our Technology

An Exploration of Our Technology

Coastal Smiles Dee Why is very well-equipped and we have everything necessary to ensure you receive a quick, comfortable and accurate diagnosis. Our technology includes:

  • Intra oral camera
  • Cone beam CT scanner
  • Digital x-rays
  • Microscope

Our intra oral camera is very useful, both for diagnosing problems and for explaining them more clearly. When you visit our practice for an examination we can use this camera to take images which are then displayed on the screens in our surgeries. This enables us to show you areas of concern and to explain how we think they are best treated.

our technologies

Discovering Our Technology

Our cone beam CT scanner is invaluable for planning implant surgery, showing any bone deficiencies as well as the position of vital structures that need to be avoided when inserting the implant posts. We can also use this technology to diagnose and plan other problems and treatments, including TMD and wisdom tooth removals and tooth extractions.

Our digital x-rays are very safe and only emit extremely low levels of radiation. X-rays are invaluable for showing areas of the mouth that cannot be examined visually, for example the contact areas in between teeth or for showing any problems with tooth roots. Our microscope is very useful for treatments such as root canal therapy and where a high degree of precision is required.

For more information, call us on (02) 9971 8992. Coastal Smiles Dee Why is located at Suite 1, 5 Dee Why Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099.