Coastal Smiles | Dental X-Ray Dee Why



Regular Digital Dental X-Rays

We do take sets of digital x-rays at regular intervals, typically every two years or so for adults who have reasonable dental health. These will show all your teeth and enable us to obtain a more comprehensive overview of your dental health so we can recommend the most appropriate preventative treatment plan. Our digital x-rays are extremely safe for use, only emitting tiny levels of radiation.

Using X-rays to Diagnose and Plan Treatments

Dental x-rays are vital for diagnosing problems that cannot be seen, for example any infection in the root of a tooth, or decay in between teeth or problems with wisdom teeth. They are a non-invasive way for us to see exactly what is going on and enable us to plan treatment. If you require root canal therapy, then x-rays will show us the location of the infection, as well as the number and shape of your root canals.

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