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Dietary Advice

While good oral care is essential for healthy teeth and gums, your diet plays a huge part. Your teeth and gums require plenty of nutrients to keep them healthy and strong and which can be obtained from a good, well-balanced diet. It can help to get into the habit of reading labels as often foods can contain high amounts of hidden sugars.

Frequent snacking in between meals can be a big problem, particularly if you choose sweet or sticky or carbohydrate rich foods. Every time you snack the pH levels in your mouth become more acidic, increasing the risk of acid erosion which in turn can lead to tooth decay. It’s better to see these types of foods as part of the main meal when that damage will be reduced. Instead, try to choose tooth friendly snacks such as cheese, low sugar yogurts or natural yogurt and fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit juices and energy drinks are best avoided as these often contain high amounts of sugar.

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