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Tooth Extractions

Here at Coastal Smiles Dee Why, we will do everything we can to save your natural teeth and extraction is definitely the last option. Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary if the tooth is too badly damaged or infected to be saved. If we have no choice but to extract the tooth, then this procedure will be carefully carried out to cause you minimal discomfort. It is better to carry out a tooth extraction as soon as possible to prevent any spread of infection and to help avoid any more serious problems from developing.

What to Expect with Your Tooth Extraction

Extraction is normally carried out under local anaesthetic, but we can use happy gas or nitrous oxide if you’d prefer a little extra help or if you require several teeth to be removed. After the tooth has been extracted we may choose to stitch the area to help healing. You may find it helpful to stick to eating soft foods that are easy to chew and swallow for the first few days after extraction, until the empty socket has had a chance to heal slightly. Try not to fiddle with the extraction site with your tongue and if you smoke it’s best to quit while your gums heal as smoking does slow down the healing process and interferes with your body’s ability to fight infection.

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