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Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth becomes infected it is likely we will need to carry out a root canal treatment. This is a very straightforward procedure that removes the infection, saving the tooth so it can be restored with either a filling or a crown.

An infection can occur if bacteria are able to penetrate deep into the central part of the tooth that houses the nerves and blood vessels to the tooth. This is called the pulp and an adult tooth is able to function perfectly well without it. Your tooth is likely to become infected if it has a leaking filling or untreated tooth decay, or has suffered some sort of trauma that has removed part of the tooth.

To carry out a root canal treatment, our dentist in Dee Why will access the pulp through the crown of the tooth which is the part you can normally see in the mouth. Using a microscope, we will carefully remove the infected pulp before cleaning out this area as well as the root canals which extend from the pulp into the tooth roots. Once we are sure all the infected tissue has been removed, the area is disinfected. We may choose to temporarily fill the tooth, just to make sure all the infection is gone before restoring it properly with a filling or a crown.

Root canal treatment is an excellent way to save the tooth and before this procedure was invented we would have had no other choice but to extract the infected tooth. If you have any concerns regarding this procedure, please speak to our friendly dental team on (02) 9971 8992. Coastal Smiles Dee Why is located at Suite 1, 5 Dee Why Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099.