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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or the third molars can frequently cause problems. This is because of their late arrival in the mouth as they don’t normally erupt until the late teens or early 20s, or even later. By this stage all the permanent teeth are already in position, leaving little room for newcomers. As a result, wisdom teeth can frequently become impacted, where they try to come up underneath other teeth or will erupt sideways through the gums, or may only manage to partially erupt. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can become infected and decayed.

We keep a close eye on the development of wisdom teeth using digital dental x-rays to identify any problems. If we think your wisdom teeth will be unable to erupt properly, we will suggest they are removed. Wisdom teeth can be removed at any age, but it is easier to do so when you are younger and before they become fused to the jawbone.

Their removal does require a small surgical procedure and although there may be minor discomfort afterwards, there should be very few side effects and the area should quickly heal. If we think your wisdom teeth removal will be more complicated, we may choose to refer you to an oral surgeon.

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