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Implant Dentistry


Dental Implants Dee WhyImplant dentistry uses advanced technologies to restore missing teeth and it is often considered one of the best and most long lasting methods of tooth replacement. A conventional dental implant normally consists of three parts. The first part,a titanium post, is inserted into the jawbone where it gradually fuses with the bone, forming a strong anchorage point for the restoration, a process that will take several months. After the implant has healed and integrated, an abutment is attached to the post and this will hold the restoration in place.

Dental implants can support single crowns, bridges and even full dentures. This treatment can be particularly advantageous as the implant posts prevent bone loss in the jaw. The procedure to insert the implants is meticulously planned using cone beam CT scans and dental x-rays to ensure the implants are inserted in the optimal positions for both aesthetics and function.

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