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Single / Multiple Dental Implants

Dee Why Dental ImplantsUsing Dental Implants to Replace Single Teeth        

Dental implants can be excellent for replacing single teeth and the final results can be highly aesthetic as the implant crown will emerge from the gums, exactly like a natural tooth. This procedure is also very good for existing teeth as the implant will prevent natural teeth from shifting towards the gap which can de-stabilise them. Unlike a bridge, we will not need to cut down the adjacent teeth for supporting crowns which is something we particularly like to avoid if these teeth are healthy and strong. A single dental implant will usually take less than an hour to place and you should be able to return to work the next day.

Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple dental implants can be used to support single crowns or bridges, or may be used to stabilise loose dentures. If you have multiple teeth missing in the same area of your mouth then you do not need to place an implant for every single tooth. Instead we can use an implant supported bridge which allows several teeth to be replaced with fewer dental implants. Loose dentures can be secured with as little as four dental implants, or if you prefer you can get rid of your denture altogether, replacing them with a fixed bridge.

There are many different options that may be used in dental implantology and we will be able to suggest the most suitable after a consultation with you. You can contact us on (02) 9971 8992 or visit Coastal Smiles at Suite 1, 5 Dee Why Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099.