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Sinus Graft / Lift

Reasons Why You May Need a Sinus Lift or Graft

Dental implants need to be surrounded by several millimetres of strong and healthy bone as this ensures they will be held firmly in place and will be able to integrate fully with the jawbone. A sinus lift is necessary if there is insufficient bone in the area between your premolars and your molars in your upper jaw. Additional bone is added in between your jaw and the sinuses which are located either side of your nose to enable the implants to be safely placed. The bone in this area tends to be thinner which is why a sinus graft or lift is such a common procedure in preparation for dental implants.

How is a Sinus Lift Carried Out?

To carry out this procedure, our dentist will access the bone in your upper jaw through your gums and will make a small incision into the bone. This provides access to the membrane in between your jaw and your sinuses. The membrane is gently ‘lifted’ out of the way, creating a space for the new bone to be inserted. The bone graft material will be packed into this space before the area is closed up and left to heal. It takes several months for the grafting material to fully integrate with your natural bone so it will be strong enough to support dental implants.

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