Crack a Smile; it is Good for You!

How frequently do you smile? Sometimes just breaking into a smile can instantly make you feel better, and there is a very good reason why you get this feeling.

What Happens When You Smile?

When you smile, it creates a chemical reaction in your brain, where feelgood neurotransmitters including endorphins, serotonin and dopamine are released. Even if your smile isn’t genuine, your brain will still release these chemicals if you hold it for long enough. It’s a process that can improve your mood, giving you a natural high in a very short while. Smiling also benefits your overall health, as it boosts your immune system, helps to alleviate pain and reduces blood pressure. People who smile frequently tend to have more success in relationships and careers. Also, smiling is contagious, so when you smile first, others are more likely to smile back, helping to spread that feelgood moment.

If you feel less than confident about your smile, you are missing out on all these benefits, but we can help you here at Coastal Smiles. We have a great range of cosmetic dental treatments that could help you, and sometimes even just a simple hygiene appointment will leave you with sparkling teeth.

Nov, 06, 2019