Crafty Ideas for Easter Your Kids Will Totally Love

Keep your kids occupied over the holidays by making time for crafting. There are all sorts of different things they can do, including making gifts for doting grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Use Embroidery Hoops to Make a Cute Bunny

Embroidery hoops can be covered with colourful fabric and decorated with a fluffy tail and bunny ears for Easter wall decor.

Spring Chicks Made from Egg Cartons

Empty egg cartons make adorable spring chicks that can be painted and decorated for a whole new take on recycling.

Make an Easter wreath

An ordinary grapevine wreath is easily covered with colourful embroidery thread and decorate some wooden eggs to suspend from the centre.

Make Paper Flowers from Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners can be folded in half and cut into intricate petal shapes. Three or four liners are then mounted together on a floral wire stem to create custom paper flowers for a creative Easter bouquet.

Make Bunny Party Hats

Bunny party hats are easily made using a paper cone decorated with straws for whiskers and cut out paper bunny ears.

Paper Plate Chicks and Lambs

Use a yellow paper plate and decorate it to look like an Easter chick. A plain white paper plate provides the basis for an Easter lamb that can be decorated with cotton wool balls. Use brightly coloured cardboard to create faces, arms, legs and eyes.

Mar, 28, 2020