How to Snack Smarter These School Holidays

During the school holidays, most of us will snack more frequently, often choosing foods that are less healthy than normal. However, even making a few small adjustments to the type of snacks and serving sizes can make a tremendous difference to your overall health.

Snack More Slowly

A snack should be an enjoyable treat, so make sure you savour every mouthful and eliminate other distractions like the phone or TV and just concentrate on enjoying your food.

The Right Time for a Snack

The best time for having a snack is between 12 PM and 5 PM as you are less likely to binge during this timeframe. Also, it’s easier to choose healthier snacks and especially if you can look forward to a tasty lunch or dinner.

Baked over Fried

We know fried food tastes great, but adding oil can make even the healthiest vegetable unhealthy. Instead, choose baked crisps and other treats that are just as tasty but are better for your body.

Healthier Foods

Instead of always turning to baked goods or crisps, opt for healthy alternatives like tasty seasonal fruit and cheese.

Avoid High-Calorie Drinks

High-calorie drinks like smoothies or juices aren’t satiating for very long and often contain high amounts of sugar. Instead, choose fresh fruits and veggies that contain lots of useful fibre and which will help keep you full for longer.

Jan, 03, 2020