Looking after Those Pearly Whites over Easter

While many holidays involve a bit of indulgence, it’s particularly true of Easter when we often eat more chocolatey or sugary treats. When you combine this with lavish meals enjoyed with friends and family, you can see it’s not the best holiday for your teeth.

The problem with sugar is that it feeds harmful bacteria that produce acid, which gradually erodes your teeth, causing cavities. The more frequently you eat sugary foods, the longer your teeth are exposed to these acids and the greater the damage. Reduce the damage to your pearly whites this Easter by following these simple tips.

  • Make sure you enjoy your Easter eggs as part of the main meal and avoid snacking frequently. This, in turn, reduces the time your teeth are exposed to sugar and acid, so there is less damage to your teeth.
  • After eating, drink plenty of water. Most of us don’t drink enough water anyway and swishing your mouth with water helps to wash away some of those harmful sugars and acids, allowing your mouth to return to a healthier pH level more quickly.
  • Approximately half an hour after eating, brush your teeth as by this stage your mouth should be a neutral pH, meaning your tooth enamel isn’t still softened by those acids, so it won’t be damaged when you brush your teeth.

Mar, 28, 2020