Summer! The Perfect Time to Brighten Your Smile

Summer is the perfect time to brighten your smile and especially as many of us will attend celebrations including weddings, christenings or you have planned a special holiday. Whatever you intend to do this summer, you want to ensure you can smile confidently.


Whether you are planning a wedding or are a guest, a brighter smile ensures you can look back at those photos with pride.

Summer Holidays

Being in the sun is enough to make anybody smile, but if your teeth are discoloured, you may be too embarrassed to smile or talk on holiday. Brightening your teeth ensures you can make the most of every moment of your well-earned holiday.

Here at Coastal Smiles, we use Philips ZoomTM whitening, a professional whitening system that will safely and effectively lift the colour of your teeth. Choose from an in-chair treatment for faster results, or a custom home whitening kit. Every treatment is carefully tailored to accommodate issues such as tooth sensitivity, ensuring your treatment feels as comfortable as possible.

Jan, 03, 2020