World Oral Health Day: What Does This Mean for Your Oral Health?

Here at Coastal Smiles, we place a strong emphasis on preventative dental care, as this is the best way for our patients to enjoy good oral health. However, every March, dental health professionals celebrate World Oral Health Day, and it’s an opportunity for us to highlight the need for good oral health even more. But what does this mean for your oral health?

During this month, we work even harder to inspire our patients to care for their dental health properly. If you are due for your checkup and clean, we strongly encourage you to book your dental visit now. Regular preventative dental appointments are the easiest way to maintain good oral health year-round.

Most people need to see our dentist every six months, even if their oral health seems just fine. The early signs of dental disease are often overlooked. At this stage, we can detect and treat dental problems more efficiently, and treatment is usually less invasive and cheaper too. Unfortunately, we know many people ignore their oral health, waiting for dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease to develop to such a stage where they create unpleasant symptoms. Without good dental health, it’s tricky to eat comfortably, and it’s much harder to smile and talk with others confidently. Also, poor oral health can affect your general health.

Mar, 28, 2020